Facts about UNVDA:

The  Upper  Nun  Valley  Development Authority (UNVDA) is a development corporation created in 1970 as a mission by Presidential Decree No  70/DF/529 of 29/10/70, and later transformed into a development authority by another  Presidential Decree No 78/157 of 11/05/78.

Its present statutory area of intervention touches five Divisions of the North West and West Provinces of Cameroon, namely: Mezam, Ngoketunjia and Bui in the North West, and Noun and Bamboutos in the West Province.

The global objectives of UNVDA are:

  • To reduce poverty for the inhabitants of its area of intervention and

  • To contribute to food security in the area in particular and the country in general.


Its specific objectives are:

  • To increase agricultural production and productivity in the area;

  • To facilitate the processing and commercialisation of farmers’ produce;

  • To facilitate access to rural infrastructure for the farmers of the area;

  • To ensure the sustainable management of the natural resources of the area;

  • To facilitate the organisation of the farmers into professional groups.