Activities of the UNVDA:

Activities aimed at organizing the farmers into professional groups:

Sensitization of Farmers: At UNVDA, we believe that the most sustainable farmers’ groups are those freely created by the farmers themselves. What we do is create awareness of the benefits of effort pooling. The result of this activity is the existence of 257 common initiative groups of rice farmers in the area. We are presently sensitizing them on the need to form unions and subsequently federations of these groups.

Capacity-building in Group Management: The aim of this activity is to provide the farmers with the necessary skills for the running of the affairs of the groups and apex organizations which are being created following our sensitization campaigns. We therefore train the farmers on group management, communication skills, negotiation, lobbying and advocacy techniques, just to name but a few.

Organization of Exchange Visits: We assist our contact farmers in the organization of exchange visits between their groups and other groups. This is intended to facilitate experience sharing from which the farmers could draw useful inputs for a better organization of their groups.